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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Do People In This Society & Generation Today Care About Love?

Hey Guys, here's an OPEN QUESTION that's on my mind that's a requires a bit more of thinking and thought probably compared to the ones that I've asked before and with this, I want you to be real and honest and you can and tell me your honest and heartfelt opinion on it. ANYBODY can answer it. The question is this:
There's an R'N'B song, in which came out either this past year or the year before, in which some of you guys might know, might have heard of or more likely haven't, that I came across a couple of months ago that I like, that I've become very addicted to and that has grown me. Even though it's a worldly and secular song, and even though I'm not going to mention the name of the artist who sings the song for the sake of not putting them on the hot seat, on spot or on blast, the one thing that stuck out to me the most about the song that I think is very profound, and the one thing that I want to show to you guys and focus on is the chorus. Even though it's a bit explicit due to the cursing or swear word and derogatory and misogynistic term in it, in which I'm sorry for showing, the lyrics of the chorus goes like this:
"Who gives a f**k about love anymore, when no one wants love and no one got trust, cause all of these h\*s want there foot in the door, that's all. No one's loving that's alright, don't do it, you've been hurt too many times, keep your feelings deep inside, keep them to yourself, because no one's loving that's alright."
Looking at that on a serious note, when applying it to relationships and marriages, or even just on a social level period and in general with that including friendships, associates and acquaintances as well, on the terms of having a heart for people or having sympathy and empathy for people, even though that in particular is arguable or debatable depending off of an individual's personal experience, with society and this generation today, do you think that is a real or major issue with people, on the terms of the fact that do you think not many people really care about real and true love anymore on the terms of wanting love that's realistically affectionate, whole-hearted, unconditional, soulful and deep, or being loved that way, or that people aren't really interested in pursuing it anymore as they use to be, or that people want it, but there's something stopping people from pursuing it, whether it be fear of being hurt, mistreated, rejected, taken advantaged of, abused or anything else along those lines, with that being a reason to why some, if not a lot of relationships and marriages today seemingly aren't lasting that long or aren't really that successful? Again, be honest and tell me your opinion

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