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Monday, 30 January 2017

Celebrities & Fame: Have They Always Been Confident People?/Being A Somebody In This Society/The Treatment Of Their Children

Knowing that we live in a society to where in which people have a major issue with worshiping and idolizing celebrities and treating them as if they're God-like or Deity-like figures, when it comes to celebrities or people who have accomplished success to where in which they have a status of being rich and famous, a lot of people or the average mind will think that it will be a case of where in which they are those type of people that during the whole period of their lives, they've always been confident or self-assured in who they are, they always have known and realize the full depth of their potential and they have always been stable in who they are or we tend to think that because they are in that position of fame and the public eye, they're always going to be like that. The deal is that if you were to be honest and real and just speak the truth, even though some people could think differently and disagree with this, it's not always that case. As a matter of fact, with some of them it's far from that case. It's the case of insecurity with some of them

The point I'm trying to get across is that with celebrities and people who have a status of being rich and famous are, deep down, some of the most insecure people you'll ever meet, even though that is us as people and human beings in general on the terms of the fact that everybody will have their own insecurities regardless of the position of life that they're in. The reason in which some celebrities struggle with insecurity, not all of them, isn't just based off of talent, it's the case of where they are not confident in who they are as people and not confident on the terms of being seen as ordinary people in society and are afraid of the fact that people aren't going to accept them for who they are if they were just ordinary people living ordinary lives, with that being another issue that this society has when it comes to fame and riches on the terms of the fact it's always the case of where in which people only accept you or embrace you only when you've achieved success, especially and more in particular if it’s the case of where you’ve achieved major or high-profile success such as becoming a millionaire or billionaire or becoming a celebrity. If you’re not in that position people won’t regard you or take you into consideration or people will just treat you like any other normal human being.. However, going back to the point of the celebrities and their insecurities, in order for them to feel accepted in society and to feel confident and secure in who they are, they feel as if they need to use or utilize something that people would either accept, appreciate or embrace, with that being their talent and feel as if it needs to be demonstrated or seen and witnessed by people. That's where the goal or dream and desire of being famous comes into it and from that point, it's a case of where in which they’ll literally do whatever they can to get what they want so that their goal or hearts desire is achieved, accomplished and manifested. Even though, with some of them, that isn’t the case with that being that they found or discovered their talent through the form of the things that they do to express themselves or give them ease or comfort through the situations that they go through or went through when they were younger, whether it was singing, writing, dancing, acting or producing and then from there, they got noticed or discovered by other people and then from there, through extenuating circumstances or outside sources, they blew up and became famous.

Looking at that in more depth, this, in a lot of cases, stems from the fact of them being brought up in a different type of background, or them being treated as if they were an outcast or outsider or them being treated as if they were different, with that being something that some of them have talked about in their autobiographies, interviews and documentaries with that being that they talked about how they were at a stage in their life of where they were dealing with low self-esteem or low self-assurance, more in particular when they were younger, due to them being different of them being treated as if they’re different. For an example of a similar situation or similar fashion, look at the world-known rap megastar & icon Kanye West as a perfect example . With no meaning or intention to put him on the spot, put him in the red seat or on blast, he said in interviews and documentaries that when he was younger, all he ever wanted to be was a rapper but the thing that was holding him back was the fact that people didn’t believe in him or think that he could do, in a positive sense, he brushed that off his shoulder and with determination and drive, tried everything he could to achieve his dream, with that leading to where in which he chose to even dropped out of college or university for it. However, it was the case of where in which when he finally achieved his dream with him making it into the entertainment industry, he became so proud and obsessed with his success that he let it get to his head and became very big-headed, egotistical, arrogant and proud, even though now not as much, through him bragging about him as an artist and how good or great he thinks he is, him calling himself Yeezus of in which the suffix of that is Jesus, meaning that is where he sees himself as a God or Deity like figure. In which is the same or similar thing that fellow rap mogul and legend Jay-Z does when he calls himself or refers to himself as “Jehovah”. When you look at that, other than the fact that he has or had a huge ego as a result of people not believing in him or his heart desires or his dream and vision, a contribution factor to that was that he also came from an environment to where he didn’t have much, with that being raised in Chicago, in which is where he is from and when you look at the condition and state of Chicago, even though it is an established city, there are some rough and destitute areas in it, with South Chicago in particular being one of them, in which tends to have a high rate of crime.

However, linking that back and going back to celebrities, If you look at it correctly, analyze it properly, or look at it in a wise eye, if some of the celebrities were really confident, secure, or stable and assured in who they are, they wouldn’t act the way they act or feel the need to do what they do whether it comes in the form letting all the success get to their head to where in which they become big-headed and proud or arrogant and boastful to where they develop a superiority complex, them spending their money all on this expensive and prestige material such as cars, houses and jewelry and then showing it off to the world through social media and then bragging about that as well, in which is something that, a lot of times, you see the black celebrities do, the rappers mainly and in particular, due to the fact that is one of the elements that rap and hip-hop music today is all about with that being praising, idolizing and chasing material, them keep trying to show off their talent in order for people to recognize them, them trying to hog the spotlight, or seeing them do all these crazy, erratic and outlandish things due to pressure and due to the fact that they’re still trying to find their place of where they fit in that industry

In reality, even though some of them do deserve to be in that industry based off of how talented they are, if some of them were really confident in who the are, it would be a case of where in which they would keep themselves to themselves and keep their head up high and strong as ordinary and regular people and build their own confidence for the sake of themselves and not for others. It would also be a case of where in which they would let people make the initiative choice of accepting them or not accepting them for who they are. They wouldn’t feel the need to go after, chase or pursue the fame. The deal about this is that this doesn’t just affect celebrities, it applies to people in general

The deal with celebrities is that people don't love and accept them for who they are on the inside or as people. People love and accept them for the fact that they are rich, famous and have talent. Even though we make them who they are on the terms of the status they have, we make them who they are for the wrong reasons or based off of the wrong reasons. The funny part about that is the fact that celebrities are smart enough to see through that and notice that and are smart enough to not really have an ounce or molecule of care in their heart for the people of the public or their fan-base due to the fact that the public never really cared about them when they weren’t celebrities. However, on the other hand, even though some of them say that they do love their fans based how loyal their are whenever it seems like their career is at a near downfall or just how supportive and appreciative they are of their work, E.g. R’N’B Superstar Singer Chris Brown talked in interviews ad documentaries about how loyal his fans were after the infamous and notorious domestic violence incident in 2009 with then-girlfriend female Pop megastar Rihanna, in which almost ended and tarnished his career, and till this day, he appreciates them for that. So looking at it in that sense, that shows you that some of them still don’t understand the fact that the fans and the public don’t really love them for them. Going and linking this back to the point, another funny part is the fact that, with some of them, they are really good at making the people of the public look stupid and look dumb-founded by portraying an image as if they do care about them when in reality they don’t, with the public actually following it and falling for it. For a guaranteed fact, if the average fan had a chance of meeting them face to face, six to nine times out of ten, they wouldn’t even bother giving you the time of day with that including the fact that they’re too busy for that any way.

Now, other than that, with this, this isn't always the case but a lot of times it does happen and some people may disagree with this or see it differently but the way I see it from personal experience with this society is that, it's sad how a person who changed their lives for the better and turns and saves their life around from a path of self-destruction doesn't get labelled as being a "somebody" or a person of worth or value compared to a person who ends up becoming rich and famous and who ends up becoming a celebrity who have that label instead. I mean, no disrespect to people, especially the ones who have some sort of talent whether it be singing, rapping, acting, dancing, writing directing or producing, who did start somewhere and worked hard enough to get themselves and make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry or just in the public spotlight or domain in general, whether it's them being a public figure or public icon, but the deal is that everybody on this earth is a somebody regardless of how far up the positivity and advantage scale they are based off the position of life that they're in or their state or standard of living that they have. It isn't always to the point of where a person blows up and becomes a celebrity that they should be labelled as being a somebody, or a person of worth ad value, again, in which is something that this society does and teaches, with being that in order to be seen as a somebody, you have to blow up and become famous or a celebrity or that's the way a lot of people feel since they realize that celebrities get a lot of respect in this society almost to where in which people are obsessed with them and idolize them and worship them like they're God, like I mentioned before, even though society always has had that issue with celebrities.

Now, another thing to add and briefly talk about in conclusion, even though it sounds a little bit of topic but still manages to stay on the topic of celebrities, when it comes to the terms of celebrities and how they treat their children, more in particular when it comes to them buying gifts and presents for their children whether it be for the Christmas holiday season or for their birthday, them showing it too the world through social media and people complaining about it or criticizing it as being too much gifts and presents being bought for them or that they are being spoiled due to them sharing photos of it on social media, if I were to be personally honest with you: even though it's not really or shouldn’t be any parents concern to be complaining about this or at the same time, with some of the celebrities and the gift that they buy their children, it can be too much or unnecessarily excessive at times, due to the fact that if it is that if they keep on treating children like that, when they grow up and become adults, six to nine times out of ten, they're more likely going to be ignorant, selfish, arrogant, stuck up, heartless. narcissist people who will have no sense of reality or the real world and will think that the whole world or everything belongs to them and revolves around them or that they are entitled to everything. That's the issue with some, if not, a lot of celebrity children or children who come from rich and well established environments other than the fact that a lot of them don't know what it's like to have a normal childhood, so in that sense they have issues of their own, due to the fact that itself can be or is an issue that they go through and struggle with daily being in an industry like that.

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