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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Being a "Somebody" In This Society: Celebrities vs. Self Life-Changers

Now with this, this isn't always the case but a lot of times it does happen and some people may disagree with this or see it differently but the way I see it from personal experience with this this society it's sas how a person who changed their lives for the better and turns and saves their life around from a path of self-destruction doesn't get labelled as being a "somebody" or a person of worth compared to a person who ends up becoming rich and famous and who ends up becoming a celebrity. I mean, no disrespect to people, especially the ones who have some sort of talent whether it be singing, rapping, acting, dancing, writing directing or producing, who did start somewhere and worked hard enough to get themselves and make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry or just in the public spotlight or domain in general, whether it's them being a public figure or public icon, but the deal is that everybody on this earth is a somebody regardless of how far up the positivity and advantage scale they are based off the position of life that they're in or their state or standard of living. It isn't always to the point of where a person blows up and becomes a celebrity that they should be labelled as being a somebody, or a person of worth in which is something that this society does and teaches, with being that in order to be seen as a somebody, you have to blow up and become a celebrity or that's the way a lot of people feel since they realize that celebrities get a lot of respect in this society almost to where in which people are obsessed with them and idolize them and worship them like they're God, even though society always has had that issue with celebrities

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