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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

A Misconception Of Leadership: Leadership = Inspiration & Motivation

When it comes to the terms of leadership or being a leader, knowing that it's not necessarily a popular or common role to do in today's society based off the fact that we live in a world to where in which a lot of people like to follow the flow or follow the crowd a lot, on the terms of it being discussed, one thing that I realize about people or one misconception that people tend to have about leadership or being a leader is that people think that leadership is just the case of inspiring and motivating people and that's it to the equation. That linking to where in people also tend to think that inspirational and motivational speakers are forms of leaders. The truth of the matter is that just because you're inspire and motivating somebody to be something or do something, that on it's own doesn't make you a leader. Again, due to the fact a lot of people in this generation like to follow the crowd, a lot of people aren't really going to understand what leadership really is all about and what it comes with, while also not understanding what the true meaning of what inspiration and motivation is.

 When you inspire and motivate a person to be something or do something, you are basically giving a person fuel, energy, initiative or permission to do that. You aren't necessarily leading them down a road of doing something. The fact is that when you look at all these inspirational and motivational speakers that are out there today, that's all they're doing. They are just giving people the fuel to do something or giving people the permission and initiative to do something but the case of matter is that even when it comes to giving a person fuel, energy, initiative and permission, they are going to need direction, navigation and guidance into how they're going to do what they want to do or need to do. That it what a leader does and that is what inspirational and motivational speakers aren't doing

Here's a scenario to show and explain what I'm talking about: Let's just say that you have a person who, one day while he or she is driving, they discover that the car they're driving is almost running out of gas. They happen to come across a gas station and happens to drive that into the gas station just in time before the gas in their car runs out, so what they decide to is use the spare amount of money they have in their pocket to buy gas. They go into the store to pay for the amount of gas that they want and then after that, they pay for the gas, go to the car and fill it up with what they paid for. After they finish filling up the gas tank of the car, they get into the car and drive away. After they get into the car, during the process of them driving, there happened to be a case of where in which they drove too fast to where in which they lost control or made a wrong term causing them to have an accident or car crash.
The motto of the story is that: inspirational and motivational speakers are like a gas station store clerk. They give to you and provide you with the fuel or energy that you need to fill up a car with and drive a car with, but after you have finished filling up your car with gas, they don't get in the car with you to be in the passenger seat to assist and direct you to where you want or need to go and to control the speed that you're driving at during the process of getting to your next ideal generation. However, even though applying that as a real situation in real life, the gas station store clerk wouldn't do that based on the fact that it's not any of their concern, any of their business or them thinking that they entitled or obliged to do that, in a serious life situation, a leader is a person who would care feel obliged and responsible to and a who would literally, after the process of giving you gas, get in the car with you, assist you, direct you to the destination that you want to go to and help you with the control of your speed.

The key words when it comes to inspiration and motivation is giving. fuelling and energizing and the key words when it comes to leadership is directing, guiding and navigating. Those terms are two different things. When it comes to leadership, a leader is supposed to do more than just give, fuel, energize, initiate and give permission to people, They're also suppose to provide insight into and revelation of the things of life, that from there people can learn from that and through that, people will then start to act upon what they learn and then from there they will follow.
P.s That scenario also you that a leader is also a helper and a supporter, just like a follower. A leader will and should be always willing to help you and support you

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